A cover letter is a one-page A4 essay that a student should enclose with other documents when applying to an institution of higher education. In the cover letter, the student should write about himself/herself, tell about his/her merits, talents and why he/she should be admitted to the course. The admission committee can judge a student’s personality, goals and merits just from the cover letter.

Most students are faced with the need to write an essay about themselves when applying to university for the first time, so they often make mistakes. In this article, we will discuss the basic principles of writing a cover letter, how to find the right style and balance in your text and what is a cover letter for an essay.

How to do a cover letter for an essay

What should a cover letter include for an essay? A classic cover letter is divided into three parts – introduction, main body and conclusion. Pay special attention to writing the introduction and conclusion, they are the ones that will be remembered by the host committee and will help you to make the right first impression. All three parts of the cover letter should be clearly structured.

As we have noted, a good cover letter to a university must meet a number of criteria, so it is essential that you write it well. On the one hand it must express your motivation and on the other it must motivate the university to admit you.

Tips for writing a cover letter for an essay

So in front of you is a monitor with a blank sheet of Word and a need to write a cover letter. Follow our advice and your cover letter will be successful and attract the attention of the admission committee!

  • Make your cover letter informative. Before writing your cover letter gather all the information about you that is relevant to the admissions committee. Remember that your cover letter should be as informative as possible; otherwise it may seem superficial and you may not care about details. Remember to choose your information carefully, because you need to evoke positive emotions in people who do not know you personally.
  • Keep the institution’s interests in mind. Some universities publish on their websites questions that students should answer in their cover letter. Do not ignore them! Try to give the admissions office all the information they want in your cover letter.
  • Be aware of the school’s requirements. Some schools have specific requirements for students’ cover letters. For example, they may ask you to submit a handwritten essay, even mentioning the ink (black or blue) in which it must be written. Follow the university’s guidelines!
  • Get the accents right. Correct semantic emphases are the key to a successful cover letter. Irrespective of the requirements of the university, focus your writing on three essential questions: Why do you want to study this particular course? Why do you want to study at this particular institution? Why do you want to live and study in this country/city? Your answers will demonstrate your personal and academic goals and help the committee understand why they should accept you.
  • Do not be afraid to praise yourself. In fact, your main goal in writing a cover letter is to make yourself look good. Feel free to praise yourself, talk about your merits and talents, but don’t be boring and monotonous! Talk about your strengths and what you would like to improve in, and how your chosen course will help you do that.
  • Write in beautiful and fairly simple language. Cover letter should be written in literate, but relatively simple language. Do not overload it with long sentences and abstruse words, avoid colloquial vocabulary and do not try to demonstrate your knowledge of all the turns of the language on one page! Remember that everything you write should make sense and be relevant.
  • Be careful to show your personality. Every student seeks to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants through his or her cover letter. You can do so by showing your personality as much as possible. Nevertheless, do not overdo it – do not add pictures, photos, videos and graphics to your essay if it is not required. Don’t try to make jokes or come up with an original format, it may all be inappropriate. A structured, well-written cover letter containing important information and written in the right style will give you a much better reference.

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