What is a cover letter for an essay

A cover letter is a one-page A4 essay that a student should enclose with other documents when applying to an institution of higher education. In the cover letter, the student should write about himself/herself, tell about his/her merits, talents and why he/she should be admitted to the course. The admission committee can judge a student’s personality, goals and merits just from the cover letter.


Wagering bonuses in casinos

Signing up for an online casino can be a whole experience, especially if it comes along with receiving lucrative sign-up bonuses. “Free to play with the prospect of winning real money” sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But as tempting as these offers may be, it’s important to remember that their goal is primarily to attract customers, and that establishments have no intention of giving up their real money. In this article, we’ll talk about the best way to dispose of the bonus amount.


Electricity trading on Prozorro

The open energy trading sector on the Prozorro portal is able to bring you everything you need to gradually optimize the process and have some new opportunities. That is why you should join active bidding in this sector and gradually optimize all those systems that will be crucial. As soon Read more…

Chef DevOps: benefits and issues

There is a wide variety of DevOps tools a business can use. Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt, Kubernetes, Docker, Marathon, Packer, Maven, Selenium, Prometheus, Icinga, AWS and Google Cloud services, etcetera, etcetera. Why would you use Chef DevOps, for example? IT SVIT, a managed DevOps services provider with 5+ years of Read more…

How to arrange lighting in an apartment

When designing a future interior, lighting should not be underestimated. Apart from clear reasons, it achieves a certain atmosphere and maintains style. Let’s consider what rules should be followed during the installation of lighting in the apartment, and let’s talk about the features of the lighting scheme in each room Read more…