The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), in cooperation with the Ohio Board of Regents, is sponsoring a statewide lecture series on computational science and engineering. Lectures will be given in various locations around the state and carried live via Internet H.323 video and streaming video. We welcome the participation of faculty, students, and businesses from around the state that are interested in computational modeling and its application in research, education, and industry.

The lecture series is part of the Ralph Regula School of Computational Science being developed by OSC and the Ohio Board of Regents in partnership with Ohio’s universities and colleges. This initiative is intended to improve the awareness and understanding of computer modeling and simulation. This lecture series expects to create a dialogue between a broad range of educational leaders in areas including K-12, undergraduate, graduate and industry workforce training. It will also help develop new computational science and engineering technologies and support programs for business.


Sites or individuals wishing to participate in or watch these events remotely should contact the OSC Networking Support Center ([email protected]) to confirm the technological requirements for remote participation and attendance. Please reference Project #183 when you contact the center.

You can review the remote location videoconferencing requirements here to see if your site qualifies to participate remotely.

This lecture series will also be streamed live, as well as archived from this website starting with the first lecture.

Be advised: You cannot have pop-ups blocked for the stream to work and the most recent version of Quicktime (7.0) is not compatible with the above stream. Please use either Windows Media Player 10 or Quicktime 6.5 for Apple OS X 10.3.9.