Signing up for an online casino can be a whole experience, especially if it comes along with receiving lucrative sign-up bonuses. “Free to play with the prospect of winning real money” sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But as tempting as these offers may be, it’s important to remember that their goal is primarily to attract customers, and that establishments have no intention of giving up their real money. In this article, we’ll talk about the best way to dispose of the bonus amount.

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No deposit bonuses

It is best to start familiarizing yourself with the most profitable type of bonuses, namely the no deposit bonus. No deposit bonus differs from the deposit bonus in that it does not require the player to make a prior deposit to play with bonus credits. Generally, the amount of such bonuses are relatively small ($5-35), and compliance with the rules of use is mandatory, any attempt to cheat (create multiple accounts for example) are strictly punished. The second format no deposit bonus is free spins for a certain slot, which are given for registration at the casino.

How do I win a bonus at the casino?

Despite the fact that the use of bonuses does not require a deposit, withdrawal can sometimes become available only under this condition. Another condition may be wagering the deposit and the winning amount in X amount, where X – the number of “scrolling” funds. This number is called the wager. It is not necessary to win, but the total amount of bets should be. There are several ways to win back bonuses.

Ways to win back your bonus

Here are some valid ways how to win back casino bonuses:

  • Games with little variance;
  • The right size bets (be sure to clarify the amount of the wagering and maxbets for wagering bonuses).


And, finally, here are a few tips on how to wagering no deposit bonus at the casino:

  1. It is advisable to wager gradually, up to several days;
  2. The best way to learn quickly about new free bonuses and other similar offers – register on specialized forums. It is also very useful to read user feedback;
  3. Carefully study the rules for using the bonus;
  4. Avoid high stakes during the game.

Thus, we can see that no deposit or free bonuses have a lot of potential if you approach their use correctly. We hope this information was informative and useful for you in practice. Follow the rules, don’t forget to watch for updates and just have a good time. 

Every player who wants to make money gambling, should understand that it is almost impossible. The casino will always leave you with an advantage, so you should be careful about the other options available to you. For example, you can create your own online casino and make money from gamblers. Study first and you may have your own plan. 

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